Wait…..what is SCVNGR?

20 Sep

I must begin this post by admitting that I’ve never been extremely interested in social media sites. In all honestly, I kind of hate them (in the current way that they are utilized by most of my peers.) It often seems like they are used solely to do one of two things: show off or complain. On a similar note, I’ve never been too much into the “check-in” concept of FourSquare, because honestly, I don’t care where my friends are at all of the time. However, I have realized that not everyone is as private and low-key as myself.

When I first heard the task of my Public Relations 324 class, promoting and engaging local businesses with the new smartphone application, SCVNGR, I was a bit put-off. Here I am, the low-key Twitter and FourSquare avoider, having to not only become fully active with a new smartphone application that utilizes the option of “check-ins,” but also, I have to encourage local business owners to become involved with the app. While this initially seemed intimidating, I was excited about the opportunity to try to help local Morgantown businesses in the service field. If anything, this will be a personal test and encourage me to open my mind to the realm of social media. Meanwhile, I  will also be able to explore various aspects of the PR industry. Even if I don’t develop a refined taste for social media this semester, I will still feel pretty good about myself if I can help a business get a couple more customers that they otherwise would not have had.


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